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Self-Publishing can be an exciting yet concerning

time for writers; it may sometimes feel that the disadvantages are outweighing the advantages. However, there are good news stories -You can self-publish for free, or with a small outlay you can commission an ePublishing company such as Seanchaí ePublishing to publish on your behalf. We can convert your manuscript to the industry preferred standards, review and proof read your work, then promote and market your published book. Within a matter of weeks you will have achieved your ambition of becoming a published author. Your work will be available to the worldwide public to purchase and download to their e-reading devices -immediately.
Your work will be published and will have a chance of reaching your desired readership, as opposed to waiting for a literary agent or traditional publishing house to offer you a publishing deal. If you decide in the future that you would prefer to be published by a traditional publishing house that is okay - in actual fact sometimes successfully self-publishing first can make you a more attractive prospects for traditional publishing houses.
The following articles are a sample of articles written by or about writers who have successfully self-published their books; some of whom have gone on to sign lucrative publishing deals with major publishing houses post self- publishing. (links are external).

Meet Amanda Hocking e-book millionaire