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Science Fiction and Fantasy


Sharon Karaa is a mass of contradictions but two facets of her character have always battled for supremacy; her logical self (let's call him Frank) and her artistic side (lets her call Misty).


Until recently, Frank won every battle, forcing Sharon into a life based on most probable outcome and, to give him his credit, it has led to a fairly comfortable if rather boring life so far.


Then Misty took up kick boxing and gave Frank a good kick in the goodies.


Sharon lives with her husband in a little village north of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She doesn't have a cat.


Visit Sharon's website at




HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS - a paranormal suspense:

"Superbly crafted and flawlessly executed, Eubanks doles out both plot and back-story in small doses, expertly keeping readers turning page after page...This is a phenomenal first novel; an excellent read for anyone who loves mystery, and would-be writers who want to learn exactly how it’s done." - KIRKUS REVIEWS


Jillian Braedon possesses a secret so explosive that she must be silenced. On the run with her five-year-old daughter, stranded in the middle of a blizzard and critically injured, Jill sends little Valerie off into the raging storm alone. The child stumbles onto the property of retired musician-turned-recluse, John Mills, begging for help. John soon finds himself caught up in their torment, and face-to-face with the pursuing covert agents, who will do anything to destroy the secret, and silence everyone involved.



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She lured him like a siren.

Eighteen years a warrior and he was as weak as the first day he had held a weapon. If he had any defense against her magnetism, he would have turned the car around and gone back to his unit. It was dangerous. His team was too far away to come to his rescue if this was a trap. Yet, he continued onward.

He could not deny the attraction.

He was powerless to resist.’


Partlan is an elite, alien warrior who is drawn back to Beverly Hills by FBI Special Agent Kelly. She stirs him like no other woman ever has. He has bonded to her and when danger threatens them both, he risks his life to protect her.


Agent Kelly only wants to arrest Partlan. She refuses to admit that there is an attraction between them. Life has taught her that men always leave, but when she and Partlan are kidnapped by an organization that is controlled by extraterrestrials, she learns that a Hunter's bond is forever.


aHunter4Ever is the fourth book in the aHunter4Hire series. Although it can be read as a stand-alone story, it is recommended you read the books in order.

aHunter4Rescue (Book 1)

aHunter4Saken (Book 2)

aHunter4Life (Book 3)

aHunter4Ever (Book 4)



The Chronicles of Fire and Ice: The Revealing


Follows the lives of best friends Marcus and Dylan. Marcus and Dylan are preparing to make that transition from high school to college, but at the same time...making that transition from human to who knows what. College is already hard enough trying to balance classes, girls, partying, and roommates. Try doing that with a target attached to you. Marcus and Dylan have a death threat but before they can figure out who wants them dead, they must figure out what they are.






Secrets of the Egoles' Nest is based on Aben Egole, who's first introduced as a sheltered toddler. Soon afterwards, he becomes acquainted with a powerful young mystic named Nastera. Once alone, she shares more than a secret about his incredible heritage. Aben's proof of her assertion came by means of a whirl-wind adventure. Afterwards, Aben, with the help of a mystical dynasty, persuades his father, Colonel Ivory Egole, to move he and his son to another planet. Consequently, this father and son team engage in treacherous missions, with the help from a planet full of super-beings. Soon after they begin their new lives, Aben learns that his emotional upheaval is triggering his superlative DNA's incredible mutative powers. Later, they become entangled in battles of good and evil, leading to the confrontation with the most dangerous warlord in the universe, Imperial General Warnod.



Julie Ayers is a normal fifteen year old living in the quiet town of Sunset, Ohio. Her world is turned upside down by the arrival of the school’s new teacher, Marcus Campbell.


Marcus Campbell has a secret. He is a warrior from a medieval dimension searching for the mythical "Heart"-a hero given to the people of Seras to rid their world of impending evil. Marcus’s quest is challenged when he realizes that the "Heart" is the vibrant teenage girl. Now, against his better judgment, he must try convincing Julie to go to his world and begin preparation to face whatever evil lies ahead.


Journey to Seras is the first book in the five part The Heart of Seras fantasy series. It begins the adventures of the two unlikely heroes as they battle the dark forces of Seras.




From the murky swamps of Louisiana to the misty hills of Appalachia, the American South is enshrouded by a mystical element that rouses the senses and kindles the imagination. This mystical element has for years inspired tales of ghosts haunting old houses, creatures roaming dense forests, and headless apparitions waving lanterns along old railroad tracks.


In this chilling collection of weird and ghostly tales from the land of moonshine and magnolias, Pat Fitzhugh meticulously recounts Dixie’s most terrifying tales and the haunted history behind them.


These stories will never go away or become outdated. They, along with the landscape of our region, are permanently etched into our human experience. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you will be left wondering about -- or perhaps admitting to for the first time -- experiences of your own that you can’t explain.


Come on a terrifying journey down the road less traveled, where ghosts, haints, and spirits stand vigilant watch over the dark swamps, creaky houses, and forgotten graveyards of Dixie.




Dragon’s Gift, book one in the Gilded Serpents Trilogy, is a thrilling tale of intrigue and adventure, complete with faeries, demons, mystical pendants and dragons.


An ancient evil threatens the kingdom of Princess Kwyleeana. After awakening from a coma, she befriends a dragon, Baelwyn, and soon learns of an impending war. She begins a journey across the lands in an effort to stop a vile prince from marrying her and destroying her kingdom! Throughout this quest, Kwyleeana and her companions make new friends and new foes, while encountering faeries, kidnappers, love, and a demon-possessed forest. With its

twists, turns, and shocking revelations, you will find Dragon’s Gift difficult to put down.



When not writing, Jay Palmer is often seen waltzing or doing the hustle upon dance floors all around Seattle. Born extreme ADHD at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, Jay grew up on military base, moving to a new city every two years. Jay Palmer has always sought the novel and the obscure, and joined numerous fringe groups as a teenager, including Wicca in 1972, the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia in 1974, Puget Sound Star Trekkers and the Society for Creative Anachronism in 1979 (where he fought his way to become a knight, herald, seneschal, and autocrat), and working ConCom for Norwescons 2-6. Today Jay Palmer rides a Kawasaki Vulcan and leads a quiet life working as a Technical Writer for major software firms, including Microsoft, Attachmate, and the Walt Disney Internet Group. Jay is always looking for the next party, interesting people to meet, and new places to dance.


Check out his website: