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How to market and promote your Digital marketing, social media, tweet, like, post, follow

book.  You have spent months or years writing your book, and finally taken the plunge and published it. It is now ready for the world to purchase and upload to their clouds and download to their devices, what next?
An advantage a traditionally published author will have is a full marketing department working to promote their book through a multitude of mediums including advertising, online media campaigns, press releases, books tours, promotional materials, purchasing prime locations spots in high street book stores, the list is endless. You will have .... you.  A self-published author will have sole responsibility to market themselves.
A self-published Book lacking extensive targeted marketing and promotion will run the risk of plummeting sales (if any) and could become stagnant. As with traditional publishing houses e-books need promoting in a way that will target your readership.

Your e-book will not have the luxury of: appearing in bookshop windows, the top 10 best seller shelves at the airport or the 3 for 2 offers on the tables of your local bookshop. There will not be promotional posters in bookshops, tube stations or anywhere else for that matter. Your e-book will attract a new type of consumer and therefore will require a marketing campaign to capture the interest of your readership. Your marketing campaign will need to utilise the tools of the Internet, your e-book will be found, purchased, downloaded and read via the Internet, therefore your marketing campaign will need to target these readers. Your e-book will need to flash up on their Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, iPads, eReaders, Personal Computers and Smart phones. You will have to go to your reader; they will not come to you.
We've listed some helpful marketing and promotion tips that may be helpful in promoting your self-published e-book.

Self-Publishing Marketing and Promotional Advice:

  • Your product will need to be unique and exceptional; properly formatted; original and fascinating.
  • Create a plan and avoid marketing haphazardly
  • Allow a little time between publishing your book to announcing it. This will give it time to get some consumer reviews and ensured it is reviewed by your retailer and appears in the listings.
  • Do not display promotional material or pricing on the cover of your book.
  • Encourage your writing group to be ready to write reviews for your book; then reciprocate for theirs.
  • Ensure your title and cover is professional and captivating
  • Allow a ‘Look Inside’ to encourage readers to read a few pages before they buy it.
  • Consider a free promo, allowing free downloads of your book is a good strategy for a new author to gain a readership.
    Join and authors marketing club / writing groups or forums.
  • If you are retailing your book solely with Kindle only, consider joining their KDP Select programme. Your book will then be available for their prime members to read for free and you will continue to make regular sales.
  • Pay attention to constructive criticism in reviews and ignore negative reviews.
  • Make sure your book is in the correct category for its genre.
  • Make sure your book has a fantastic book description, using dynamic keyword optimised. This is what will sell your books to readers who have been attracted by the title.
  • Promote your book cover before your book is released, this will create a buzz in promotions .
  • Use social media in its full capacity to promote your book to the target readership; create a Face-book page, with pre-release contests, sneak previews. Create a dedicated twitter account to promote your book.
  • Create an Authors website, dedicate it to your writing career. Embed your social media accounts and blogs into your website and use it as your signature- always.
  • Do not let it go static; keep promoting your book, tweak prices and do not let readers forget your book.
  • Create a dynamic author profile of Goodreads
  • Add your URL (website address) to your book on the front or back page.
  • Announce your book release on your digital retailers authors forum.
  • Ensure you have priced your book correctly
  • Join an active writing group on or offline.

Seanchaí ePublishing Marketing Services

We understand that marketing and promoting your books can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes seems like an impossible task. Many writers are often questioning where to start and what to do. We offer an online marketing service to kick start your marketing campaign.  Our tailor made packages and stand alone services can ensure your precious writing time is not eaten into with a prolonged promotional campaign. You can choose from a four week targeted social media campaign and promotional campaign that will include:
  • One years free advertising in Seanchaí’s online bookstore.
  • Four week online marketing campaign to promote your e-book internationally.
  • Submission of your e-book in to the major search engines.
  • Promotion of your e-book through targeted advertising campaigns using analytic software to ensure the adverts reach the readership for your genre of book.
  • Establish social media accounts in either the name of your e-book or your name (real of pen) developing relevant links and followers.
  • Maintain the accounts for four weeks.
  • Build a bespoke six page authors website with the option of fully integrated social media pages and your own Wordpress blog .
  • Ensure the design of your website is fully search engine optimised and then submit your website to major search engines.
  • Promote your website through your social media accounts. It will be displayed on your retailers’ authors pages and Seanchaí ePublishing will display an interactive link on your e-book store page in addition to promoting it via our social network platforms.
  • One year website hosting.
  • After four weeks we will hand over all of the accounts ready for you to maintain and continue. If however, you decide that you would prefer Seanchaí ePublishing to continue marketing your e-book on your behalf we can offer you a bespoke quotation on request.
In addition to our initial four week campaign we can maintain your marketing and promotional activity for a monthly fee.
To discuss marketing and promotion services please contact us today or send us an email: