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Seanchaí ePublishing's DigitalSepia image of vintage retro keyboard; Seanchaí ePublishing book Marketing and Promotion; Marketing and Promotional  package

is our fully comprehensive formatting, multi-platform publishing and distribution including an online marketing campaign with a bespoke  and authors website:
A full document formatting to ensure it is compatible to be read with all major e-readers. We complete the formatting manually using the most up to date industry standard software programmes. We will ensure the typesetting is correct and it displays properly with no unnecessary gaps between pages, chapters and paragraphs. This will guarantee your book displays seamlessly on the digital reading device of your customers choice.


We accept most document formats (including hard copies) and will convert the document to the format required by the digital retailers and ensure it is compatible for digital publishing industry standards.
We will proof read your manuscript and correct any typographical errors.
We will create an author specific email account for you to access your digital distribution accounts. This will enable us to create your accounts on your behalf. When the work you have commissioned us to undertake is complete we will send you the login details and you can change your password if you desire.
We will create new accounts with Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble (NOOK), Kobo and Google Play Books on your behalf. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions set by the digital distributors, read the pricing and royalties guidelines and tax conditions and inform us of the price you would like your e-book to be listed for. You will need to inform us what countries you would like your e-book to be available in.
We will set up your account to enable you to receive the royalties from your e-book to be paid directly into your bank account.
We will upload the book cover you supply. If you do not have a book cover contact us for a free quotation for a bespoke book cover, designed by our experienced graphic designer.
We will Publish your e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play on your behalf.


We will add the DRM rights and Metadata to your e-book.
Our experienced marketing team will lead a four week dedicated online marketing campaign to promote your e-book internationally. We will utilise social media and our extensive contacts to ensure you gain a strong international following for your e-book and you as an author.
We will submit your e-book in the major search engines.
We will promote your e-book through targeted advertising campaigns using analytic software to ensure the adverts reach the readership for your genre of book.
We will Create 'author-branded' professional-standard social media accounts on your behalf, in either the name of your e-book or your name (real or pen) establishing relevant links and followers. We will set up your social media accounts immediately and once your e-book is published and available we will begin the four week campaign. We will connect with relevant contacts on social media and post at least once a day to promote your e-book. We will post content you share with us for instance - news, media coverage, signings/events.
We will maintain the accounts for four weeks and then assign all login details and passwords over to you to continue with the marketing and promotion of your e-book. If you would prefer us to maintain your accounts on your behalf please contact us to discuss your requirements.
We will create a comprehensive listing on the Seanchaí ePublishing's bookstore with full e-book description. including a biography, photos, news, and include a link to your own website. Your e-book entry is updated by us with media clippings, endorsements and reviews you share with us. We will create an authors page on our website dedicated to you with a direct link to your books for sale via your digital retailers.


We will create an authors profile page on Amazon.
We will design a bespoke six page authors website with the option of fully integrated social media pages and your own Wordpress blog . We will discuss your individual requirements with you to ensure that your website represents you as an author and publicises your books impeccably.
Your website will be fully search engine optimised and submitted to major search engines to ensure that it is high ranking when people are searching for you. It will be promoted via all your social media accounts. It will be displayed on your retailers authors’ pages and Seanchaí ePublishing will display an interactive link on your e-book store page as well as promoting it via our social networking platforms. You will have access to the statistics of your website traffic.
We will host your website for one year, if you would like us to continuing hosting your website beyond one year then please contact us to discuss your requirements.
We will include the content you supply us with, including photographs and written articles. An example website would include pages ‘Home, about us, contact us, books, character profiles, blog.’
We will create an author profile on Goodreads book reviewing site.
We will promote your published works and news in our ongoing established social networking activities.
We will create online marketing events for your book.
When the initial four weeks have ceased whole responsibility for the upkeep of website and social media campaign will be passed to the author. Personalised quotations for the option to continue to maintain social media accounts and the website are available on request.
We will send you a free digital edition of your e-book for you to share with friends and family.
Contact us and begin your self-publishing journey:
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