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The Drifting Self is a memorable and captivating narrative. One morning, for no apparent reason, a middle-aged, happily married college professor decides to take a different exit while driving to work. That simple turn, and the story that unfolds, take him and the reader on a journey that touches some of the most essential human issues. It teaches us about the balance between the free, inquisitive self and the “civilized” individual, restricted by norms and conventions.


The novella speaks to every reader’s heart. After all, who has never been tempted to, one day, take a different turn in life?




An elemental demon created by forbidden magic is summoned by the wizard Rovinkar as a weapon of war. But he loses control of the demon at a critical moment and it is freed to ravage the land. Cerra of the Meadows has been blind since fever robbed her of sight at the age of seven. She is fated to confront the demon and becomes the only one who can restore it to its proper place.


Rovinkar seeks to regain control of the demon and eliminate Cerra, and she has no magic, only her wits, a faithful black cat ... and the ability to see what no one else can.




Xavier Gaines, a corporate spy on the run, stumbles upon a strange house in a neighborhood he thought he knew. When the door shuts behind him he finds himself shanghaied by the mysterious Tamarina Voxana to a land of magic and shapeshifters, and charged with stealing the Book of Undone Deeds as his only hope of reprieve.


Xavier becomes a stranger in a strange land and must stay beyond the notice of the ruthless Guardsmen, and a powerful Oracle, who all have reason to want him dead. Allies present themselves, but they have their own secrets and agendas. To succeed, Gaines must discover the location of the Book and in the process, the truth of his own inner nature.


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If you like your Romance novels Short, Swwweeet, and Petite, then this is for you. Parody, innuendo, more innuendo, prose only Bulwer/Lytton could love, and plaid cows. It doesn't get any worse ... or does it?


Betty Tungsgood has to deliver a herd of Argyle Steers to Oregon. The only thing standing in her way is a bad woman in the Badlands and a penchant for swimming nude. But she has Jack at her side. And back. And front.


Critical Reviews for "Big Gun on the Tetons".


"... hilarious, LOL ... " - Katherine M.

"... lusty fun ..." - Gretchen G.

" ... you don't think I actually read that stuff do you?" - Patricia F.




1820 Romania—a land which has held the Romani people (Gypsies) in slavery for centuries.


All her life, 15-year-old Marioara has lived behind a high fence erected by her Master to separate his family from the rest of his slaves. Behind this fence, Marioara is taught to hate her blood, her color; her race. Never questioning why she is the lone slave kept close to the Master and vehemently disregarding gossip which might explain the situation, she serves faithfully…until the arranged marriage of the Master’s daughter, Gretchen, catapults her overnight from privileged ignorance into the widespread brutal realities faced by Romani women.


Transferred in ownership as part of Gretchen’s dowry, Marioara realizes that she is now the new master’s “handmaid”—relegated specifically to submit to his sexual demands whenever his wife does not please him. Struggling against this vicious tradition, Marioara finds herself alone…unless she is willing to confront the racism she was raised to believe and find out the truth about her heritage from the other slaves which now surround her.


Once she has a taste of real Romani history, language, and faith, she is unable to accept that her newfound ethnic pride is daily assaulted by the hypocrisy and tyranny of those who own her. She decides to make a stand on behalf of her people in order to bring the masters to their knees.



In 1974, the author left New York City to sell his paintings on the West Coast of the United States. In 1976, with a Pong championship to his credit, he accepted a job in Iran where he met his wife.After the Revolution, the author, his wife and the Shah all left Iran for Egypt. Two of them got jobs...the other one died. The author has since lived in and written about Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Haiti and Shanghai. His novels are 'The Missionary Position', about Angela Benedetto's adventures in Irian Jaya, 'My Enemy, My Friend', about a love affair during the Iranian Revolution 'Shanghai'd' about a Chinese/Israeli plot originating in 1930's Shanghai, 'Maiden Shanghai', about Shanghai's Green Gang's covert aid to China's Xinjiang Seperatists and Something Came Up about a young man's search for self. He has written published articles for Channel East Magazine, West-East Magazine, Media Magazine, Asian Hotel and Catering Magazine,, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He now writes while out-dodging drivers who don't signal and waiting on telephone trees when he wants to communicate.



Seasons of Hope,' takes you on a cliff hanging journey with a women who endures many challenging seasons faced in a very dark part of her life, In the end she learns to embrace the unique plan God has for her life.


The story revolves on the values of forgiveness, honesty, deliverance, healing, and redemption.


The book brings to the light that which has been left lurking in the shadows far too long. It raises an important issue which we have publicly ignored and socially suppressed far too many times.

K Lowe


The Smile - New Beginnings (The Beautiful Life Trilogy Book 2) [Kindle Edition]


Dale Black had the perfect life six months ago. He had everything going for him. That was until he lost his wife Ashley.


The last six months were extremely painful. He tried his hardest to face the world. No matter what he did, he couldn't get his thoughts of his wife.


Dale's father had the perfect idea. He managed to get Dale to agree to visit his cottage in Meadow Spring. Was Meadow Spring the ideal soloution, or was it just another painful memory ? The Black family will have to pull together if they want that happy ending.