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Q: What type of service are you ? A single- channel, retailer-driven service? A multiple-channel distribution service? Or an agent or traditional publisher?
A: We are multiple-channel distributor who offer conversion, proof reading, editing , marketing services and other publishing services. We can publish your works on your behalf on various single-channels including Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble Nook Press and Apple iBookstore. If writers specifically would like their work publish on Smashwords or Bookbaby we can be commissioned to do this.
Q: Do you act as an agent or publisher on behalf of the writer.
A: No the writer will continue to represent themselves and keep full control of the rights of their work
Q: Do you keep a commission of royalties.
A: No, we are commissioned by the writer to complete a piece of work once that work is completed full control of accounts is handed over to the writer and they will receive 100% of royalties owed to them.
Q: How do you earn money?
A: We charge fees for work that we are commissioned to carry out on behalf of the writer.
Q: Is the service exclusive or non-exclusive?
A: Non-exclusive unless you opt for the Kindle Select Program or use Apple’s iBooks Author tool (Seanchaí ePublishing will not be using IBooks Author tool). You will keep all the rights to your published works.
Q: Is there a publishing/agency contract? If yes what are the terms?
A: There is not a contract. You will commission Seanchaí ePublishing to carry out work on your behalf and once that work is completed full control of your work will be handed back to you.
Q: Do I need to sign any other type of contract?
A: No, by commissioning Seanchaí ePublishing to carry out work on your behalf you agree to the terms and conditions set by Seanchaí ePublishing and the digital retailers your work will be published with.
Q: Do you control the price?
A: The author will keep full control over the pricing; however we may advise you of appropriate pricing. NB: Some e-book retailers mandate that you do not offer your book at a lower price elsewhere and if you do then they may lower the retail price on their website.
Q: What is the up front fee and /or how is the royalty calculated?
A: The only up front fee will be for work you commission Seanchaí ePublishing to carry out on your behalf.
◦ Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble PubIt!, and Apple’s iBookstore (and iBooks Author software) are all free to use. They make their money by taking a cut of your sales. Usually you earn 60-70% of your list price (assuming you list in the price range they specify).
◦ Smashwords is free to use and distributes to all major e-book retailers except Amazon. Smashwords pays you 85% of your list price on sales directly through the Smashwords site, minus PayPal transaction fees. They pay you 60% of your list price on sales through retailers (in other words, they take 10% after the retailer takes their cut).
Q: Are there any hidden costs or fees?
A: All fees will be negotiated and agreed before work commences.
Q: What file format do you accept?
A: As we offer a conversion service to industry standard ePub or MOBI we will accept most file formats, the preferred method is .doc; we also offer a retyping service from print.
Q: Who owns the e-book files after they are created?
A: You the author/writer will own the files.
Q: Are DRM protections or proprietary formats involved?
A: DRM (digital rights management) prevents piracy or illegal copying and distribution of your e-book after it is sold. However, it is argued that DRM is not reader or consumer friendly and should not be used. Amazon Kindle automatically converts the files to DRM locked format.
Q: Where is your e-book distributed?
A: This will depend on the package you purchase from Seanchaí ePublishing; We distribute to most major e-book retailers including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play books, KOBO and Barnes and Noble.
Q: Can I make changes to my book once it is published?
A: We advise that all edits are completed and reviewed before conversion to the industry standard ePub file; however if you decide that you would like to make changes to your works after publication this can be completed for a fee. If your e-book has been assigned an ISBN it will need to be issued with a new one if changes have been made to the final version.
Q: Can I get a copy of my e-book in print?
A: Yes we offer a print on demand service in our packages.
Q: I do not have a website; can you host and build one for me?
A: Yes we offer a website hosting, domain and design service.
Q: I do not know how to market my book, is this something you can offer?
A: Yes we offer a marketing package and can discuss individual marketing options with you. Marketing an e-book is very different to marketing a print edition.
Q: What is the potential market for my book?
A: There are over ten million estimated e-book reader users worldwide with increasing users daily.
Q: Will my book be available internationally?
A: Yes, your book will be available in the countries the e-book retailer you decide to distribute through is available.
Q: Does my book need an ISBN?
A: No, Amazon and other e-book retailers will assign an ISBN number to your e-book. However, if you decide that you would like to purchase an ISBN number for your e-book this can be arranged.
Q: Who owns the copyright in my book?
A: You own the copyright to your book and will continue to own all the rights to your work unless you decide to sell the copyright to your work.
Q: How long will it take to publish my book?
A: This will depend on which package you choose, for instance if you choose the Kindle only package then your book will be published within one week. If your book requires conversion or to published to Google Play books then it will be slightly longer. We aim to have all works published within four weeks.
Q: What genre of books do you publish?
A: We will publish all genres and types of books, including but not exhaustive; fiction, non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, reference, memoirs and family histories. There are restrictions to explicit content please refer to retailers terms of services.
Q: Is there a length requirement for my book?
A: No there is not a length requirement, however costs may vary for conversion depending on length of book and photos and illustrations.
Q: How do I get paid for each book sold?
A: This will depend on which platform you decide to retail your book with, generally you will be paid by cheque or bank transfer quarterly. We will need your bank details to set up your accounts with Amazon, Google Play, Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble.
Q: What happens once my book is published?
A: We will set up the accounts with the e-book retailers of your choice and then hand over full control to you. You will then be able to manage your sales and collect your royalties directly. If you have commissioned other services such as marketing or web design and hosting the same principal applies.