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Kindle Publishing

If you have opted to publish your book with Amazon KDP exclusively we will create your account on your behalf and publish your completed book. Once your book has been approved by Amazon your book will be available to purchase in your desired countries. Your book will be available for consumers to purchase and download instantly to their Kindle devices. You will receive your royalties directly from Amazon KDP.
If you choose the Kindle Select option and avail of exclusivity with Amazon Kindle, your book will be available for readers to borrow from Amazon’s library for free. This will count as a sale and you will receive the royalties. This option will increase the profile of your book.

Multi-Platform Distribution

If you have chosen our fully comprehensive distribution service we will publish and distribute your e-book with leading international digital retailers including Amazon KDP, Kobo, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Google Play Books and Apple iBooks. This will enable worldwide distribution for your book and increased global sales. Your readers will be able to read your e-book whether they have a Kindle, iPad, smartphone or if they are using their personal computer – making your book more attractive and convenient to consumers.
We will create your multiple accounts on your behalf and then publish your book files with the retailers and distributors directly. Using Seanchaí ePublishing's distribution service will save you the inconvenience of creating various accounts with multiple digital retailers. We will publish your e-book with multiple retailers, create your accounts, input the metadata and bibliographic data, create your author profile pages and dashboard pages. This will free up your time to concentrate on your next book.
We will advertise your e-book with links to your online retailers in our online bookstore. You will have an authors page dedicated to you. You can send us information you would like published on your page for instance, reviews and media coverage. We can also design and host your own authors website - read more about marketing and promotion here.
The digital retailers will keep a percentage of the e-books selling price; this can range from 25% to 75% depending on the retailer and the option you have chosen. For further information on pricing and royalties please see our pricing page.
Seanchaí ePublishing do not take a commission or keep any of the royalties owed to you, we our 100% commission free. You will keep 100% of the royalties owed to you.
When your e-book is published and distributed we will hand over all accounts and passwords for you to take control of and manage. If you would prefer Seanchaí ePublishing to continue to manage your account on your behalf please contact us to discuss further.