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Biography and True Account ...


Earl Chinnici was born April 18, 1970 in Miami, Florida. In the summer of 1982 his family relocated to Lake City, Florida. His first book, inspired by the soft-spoken words of a dear friend, he published exclusively in e-book format. "Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You" is an intimate account of his journey to overcome severe tobacco cigarette addiction. The book also conveys the story of the start of his writing career and contains more than 60 personal photos, which is the primary reason for the larger than usual file size. In addition to writing, Earl Chinnici also owns and operates a remote access computer help desk and consulting service.

A. M. Mensah


Amanda Mary Mensah was born in the 1950's, spending most of her childhood in the care system together with her younger sister Sue. Her personal experiences in the care system were influential to her choice in career. Amanda Mary Mensah has worked over twenty five years in the Social Care sector. There is a clear connection between her childhood, choice of career and novel, as she wants her voice to echo and inspire other care leavers who may have their own struggles and challenges to overcome.  Searching for Sodye provides an insight to a subject which previously has not been explored. The novel follows the author's 'journey' at a large residential care home, a convent care home run by predominately Irish nuns and foster homes. The book is also about Amanda Mary Mensah's experiences  after leaving care homes,  spending several years in Spain, when General Franco's dictatorship was in power. During this time, the author worked in bars serving USA soldiers, either going to returning from the Vietnam war.


A. M. Mensah has written a semi-autobiographical novel, depicting the care homes in the 1950's and 1960's England. The novel is from the perspective of mixed raced children of African and Irish heritage. The book tells a child's story of loss and abandonment as well as their struggles of self preservation alone without parental support. At the time of flourishing 1960's pop culture, found two young girls being brought up by strict Roman Catholic nuns. In order to escape their traumatic upbringing they travel to Franco's Spain where the USA military were based during the Vietnam War. This is a search of two children ultimately seeking their own self identity and self determination and the dramatic outcomes of their separate lives.


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